Road transportations

Experience the speed, cost control and consistency of our asset-based truckload services

GTL is an asset-based logistics company with professional expedite and asset-based fleet of trucks. At GTL, we have the resources to find you trucks when others can’t. We utilize an extensive network of partners to serve you all over the continent.

We use do-or-die approach to on-time performance and execute the services with world-class efficiency.

Asset- based truckload service
Dedicated contract carriage
Domestic European and cross border freights
Transportation all over the Europe, Ukraine, and Central Asia
Full-truck-load as well as Less-then-truck-load
Turnkey logistics solution that includes transportation, customs clearance, distribution
Express deliveries with cargovans

Types of Heavy goods vehicle to meet your needs:

  • Tautliner/Tilt
  • Mega
  • Double-decker
  • Boxtrailer
  • Frigo
  • Light commercial vehicle (Minivan)
  • ADR (hazardous goods)

Call our office with your cargo dimensions, weight and any special handling needs, and we’ll help you choose the right solution.

Take advantage out of our truckload service:

GPS tracking
CMR insurance
TIR carnet
2 drivers

Dedicated contract carriage

Dedicated fleet model will help you optimise your transport for consistent deliveries. You will benefit from the highest level of customer service and exceptional on time performance.

  • We own, manage and maintain the trucks and drivers.
  • You schedule pick-up and watch delivery activity – from the doors of your warehouse to its final destination.

You can depend on precision logistics operations and our expertise to help you control freight, reduce costs and find capacity.

  • Reliable capacity for your priority freight
  • Consistent deliveries, plus the ability to keep up with seasonal demand, inventory fluctuations and volume swings
  • Dedicated capacity to service your customers on a timely basis
  • Possibility to brand the trucks in clients’ corporate style

Express freights

Take advantage of our express solutions for the fast and secure flow of goods to your destination.

GTL is one of the biggest operators in Ukraine for urgent shipments by light commercial vehicles. Our expertise is based on cooperation with biggest automotive companies in Europe. On very short notice, we can provide you cargovans or sprinters where ever in Europe. We have an extensive network of partners who understand the critically important nature of urgent shipments.

  • Load up to 1 t, 5 pallets
  • Providing cargovan within 3 hours anywhere in Europe
  • Urgent delivery within 20 hours from Germany to Ukraine
  • GPS tracking
  • We are available 24/7
  • Delivery to/from the Lviv airport and to the final destination;
  • Cargo registration in the airport Lviv and in the airfreight depot;

We’re incredibly fast