Customs brokerage

  • Own agents in Lviv, (Malekhiv), Gorodok, and Krakiwets
  • Round-o-clock customs clearance, without entering customs zone
  • Customs procedures in different customs regimes (import, export, tolling raw materials operations, temporary import, import of assets etc.)
  • EURO 1 certificate of origin obtaining
  • Facilitation in obtaining sanitary-and- epidemiological, ecological, phytosanitary, veterinary permits
  • Storage on the customs warehouses
  • Fast and professional solving of all non-standard problems
  • Support in accounting of tolling raw materials

GTL is licensed customs agencу, located in Lviv (UA), close to the border with Poland. Thanks to wide professional background of our agents and perfect business reputation, GTL ensures high-quality customs clearance for most difficult loads and schemes.

You can benefit from fast and professional customs procedures in Lviv right after entering Ukraine that will minimize your logistics costs for domestic distribution. Take advantage from cheapest customs zone and affordable costs of customs brokerage comparing to Kiev or other cities.

We will organize all customs procedures in Europe for you or your client:

Import customs procedures in Europe
Export customs procedures in Poland for the goods from any EU country delivered to non-EU country
We guarantee the easiest way of customs clearance.