The New Silk Road

GTL organizes Europe – China and China – Europe transport by rail in containers. This alternative method takes half of the time of ocean freight. It is possible to transport large volumes at low cost, in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

GTL provides regular intermodal rail transportation between main Chinese ports and Małaszewicze (Poland). Here the goods are reloaded in from rail containers into the trucks and delivered to Ukraine by road.

We offer to our customer’s high-performance freight forwarding solutions:

Your benefits:



GTL offer transportation of your freights from Poland to Ukraine by LHS Line. LHS Line is the longest on the territory of Poland broad gauge railway line (track gauge of 1520 mm) designed for freight transport. It is also the farthest west broad-gauge line in Europe.

It connects the Polish-Ukrainian railway border crossing Hrubieszów / Izow with south-eastern Poland, and ends in Sławków (near Katowice).

The main advantage of the line is transport without handling the goods at the border to any Ukrainian destination.

Our service is addressed to different industries, specializing in:

Solid goods

(including: iron ore, coal, ballasts, wood)

Loose materials

(including: corn, feed, pellets, fertilizers)


(including: metal products, glass, building materials, fertilizers)

Mineral fertilizers

We maintain high safety standards and have expert knowledge of the required regulations for specific agrochemicals transportation

Agriculture logistics

GTL connects the growers, farmers and producers of agricultural products worldwide


We have extensive knowledge in the handling and transportation of medical products, equipment and components

White goods

Experience complete turnkey service for manufacturers of household appliances

Textile & Fashion

Transportation of garments, footwear, fashion accessories and fabrics

Food and Petfood

Ensuring fast and safe delivery of temperature-controlled goods as well as non-perishable food


We are experts in the transportation, storage and distribution of fast moving consumer goods

Renewable Energy Logistics

Take advantage of our customized logistics solutions for the fast growing renewable energy industry in Ukraine

Automotive Logistics

GTL is the biggest automotive logistics provider in Ukraine with wide range of services