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About Us
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GTL delivers value through high-quality solutions in transportation, international freight forwarding and customs brokerage to demanding business clients worldwide.

GTL is trusted asset-based logistics provider in Ukraine. Since 2004 we have provided our customers with flexible, quality and reliable service that sets us apart from other competitors.

We are a financially stable company, which means that our customers can rely on our supply chain expertise.

No matter what kind of services our customers require, we have the flexibility to provide the best solutions with world-class capabilities for reliable, time-definite service.

GTL is trusted, profitable logistics provider in transportation, freight forwarding, distribution and customs brokerage. Our focus is on bringing end-to-end supply chain solutions and to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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GTL in figures

Automotive Logistics 63%

Food & Petfood 13%

Textile & Fashion 11%

White goods 5%

Renewable Energy Logistics 4%

Other 4%

We deliver success



Executive officer



Success is not a coincidence! It is a combination of years of experience and daily work.

Head of the

international logistics department



There are no tasks that have no solution or cannot be performed. Desire is decisive.

Head of the

financial department



If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Head of the

customs agency



The ability to turn any difficulty into a successful outcome is the only way to achieve your goals.

Head of the

Transport Department



We transport goods wherever there is a road, and where there is not – we deliver by air.

What do we stand for?

About Us

Working to connect businesses worldwide. Creating benefits to our clients, giving them possibility to deliver worldwide.

To be recognized as the expert in logistic services worldwide.

We deliver high quality logistics solutions for demanding business clients worldwide.

Growing with our clients


Every single day we think creatively to turn clients ideas into success stories


We keep promises delivering loads on time, securely, for a reasonable price respecting clients’ interests and rules

Passion & Proactiveness

We're passionate about helping our customers to meet their logistics challenges with courage

Business honesty & respect

We adhere to the highest ethical and humane standards in doing business. We promote humanity values in doing business. We do not tolerate corruption


We act responsibly toward environment, society and people respecting human rights, health, safety and constantly reducing environmental impact

More than just a business

CSR Program


Our goal is to reduce environmental impact of logistics services. GTL launched several service options for minimizing or avoiding logistics-related emissions. We offer optimization measures like reducing energy consumption, using green energy sources and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Trucks produce about a quarter of CO2 emissions from road transport in the EU and some 5% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions – a greater share than international aviation or shipping.

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Being aware of our environmental footprint, we at GTL, act responsibly toward environment and strive to:

minimizing our impact

CSR Program

Our environmental challenges

Managing resources:

  • Remove, reduce, reuse and recycle input materials, generated waste and packing
  • Introduced e documentation flow in the office thanks to new ERP system
  • Improve the efficiency of energy use
  • Improving warehouses, offices with environmentally responsible design elements

Creation of environmental concious services:

  • Optimization of transport routes
  • Increasing trucks volume utilization
  • Giving priority to subcontractors with low emission class trucks
  • Promoting combined (multimodal) transport operations

Reducing level of CO2 emission:

  • Usage of fuel efficient vehicles EURO6
  • Fleet renewal
  • Eco-driving trainings
  • Limiting empty mileage

We are there for you

CSR Program


We consider that a good working environment leads to mental health and well-being of our employees, which in the end will also benefit our business. GTL is actively working to be a good employer and follow labor laws and regulations. We launched different programs to ensure healthy workplace and professional development.

Our aim


We aim to build strong relationships with our customers enhancing customer satisfaction. Our team work on exceeding customer expectations on delivery speed, logistics costs, transparency of business terms. We invest in technology to ensure the security of our clients’ data.

Contribute to the future


We actively promote and are engaged in social contribution activities that help strengthen communities and contribute to the enrichment of society. To contribute to the development of society, we donate money to different organizations each year.

For many years, we cooperate with Dzherelo Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in Lviv that   provides the necessary rehabilitation and educational services for children with physical and developmental disabilities. On a regular basis, we support them in fueling buses that transport everyday children to the Centre and back home.

GTL will provide benefit to the community though the creation of jobs by building new logistic hub with a land area of 4 hectares in Lviv.

We actively promote sport and healthy lifestyle. We contribute to development of team sports and we are pleased to support our football team.

We believe that team sports contributes to developing of values and skills associated with initiative, social cohesion, self-control, persistence, and responsibility.

We give our time to a good cause


Volunteering is a powerful, practical and sustainable way to support socially important projects.

We always ready to give our time to a good cause and experience the pleasure that comes from making a real difference to other people’s lives.

We deliver success